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Hintergrund Bachblütenmischung Träum s
16879247_Träum_schön_alkoholfrei_mit K

Attunement to
the realm of dreams

Träum schön alkohlfrei.png

Bach Flowers Organic Dream Beautiful

alcohol free
PZN 16879247

In addition to the alcoholic version, this blend is also available without alcohol - especially for children. Just as a lullaby calms the child's soul in the evening, spreads a cloak of security over the crib and chases away monsters from under the bed - this cheerful, delicate organic brook flower blend aims to set the mood for a joyful, evening journey into the realm of dreams.

Every change begins with you. Bach flowers want to accompany you in this process.

 Produced according to Dr. Bach's original manufacturing instructions

 Certified organic flower cultivation in the foothills of the Alps

 Pure, hand-picked flower harvest

 Premium ingredients

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