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Valerian root


Scientific name: Valerianae radix   

Synonyms: cat root, Balderbracken root  

Family: Valerianaceae   

Where the plant is found: Europe, Asia, North-East America 

Characteristics: The light gray-brown rhizome is the size of a fingertip and bears many long roots.

Use & preparation

Valerian root


Restlessness, nervous sleep disorders.  



Promotes concentration, calming, relaxing, antispasmodic, sleep-promoting  

Tea preparation

Pour boiling water (approx. 150 ml) over 1 teaspoonful (approx. 2.5 g) of valerian root and, after about 10 to 15 minutes, strain through a tea strainer if necessary. For external use, 100 g of valerian root is used for a full bath.  


Unless otherwise prescribed, drink a cup one to several times a day or take a full bath once a day. 

Contained in:

Calming tea - PZN 03962219

Valerian root - PZN 03633013

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