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Birch leaves 


Scientific name: Folium Betulae   

Family: Betulaceae     

Occurrence of the plant: Home is the climatically temperate Eurasia. Drug imports from China, Russia, Poland and other Eastern European countries.

Features: The leaves are triangular to diamond-shaped, long pointed, sharply double-serrated on the edge, hairless and densely dotted with glands on both sides. 


Application & preparation

Birch leaves 


For cystitis, kidney stones, rheumatism, skin problems, coughs and hair loss.


diuretic, blood purifying  

Tea making

2-3 g of the birch leaves are poured with boiling water and after 10 to 15 minutes strained through a tea strainer.  


Unless otherwise prescribed: Drink a cup of tea infusion several times a day. 


In the case of acute symptoms that last longer than one If the symptoms persist for a week or recur periodically, we recommend consulting a doctor

Included in:

Birch leaves (250 g) – PZN 10629265

Folia Betulae (250 g) – PZN 02000458

Folia Betulae (1000 g) – PZN 02000464

Alkaline tea – PZN 16122478

Alkaline tea in a pyramid tea bag – PZN 16123911

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