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Indian psyllium seeds



Scientific name: Plantaginis ovatae semen      

Synonyms:  Ispaghula, Blonde Psyllium, Indian Psyllium    

Family: Plantaginaceae      

Occurrence of the plant: Iran, India  

Characteristics: The seeds are boat-shaped-oval and vary greatly in color. From pale pink to grey-brown and reddish yellow 

Application & Hints

Indian psyllium seeds

Application: Psyllium seeds enrich a wholesome diet and are a particularly easily digestible form of dietary fiber. Whole psyllium seeds are very rich in important nutrients as they are used whole. The outstanding swelling properties of psyllium seeds, which are attributed to the mucilage they contain, are responsible for numerous health-promoting properties. To promote digestion, it is sufficient to take psyllium seeds once or twice a day. In combination with drinking plenty of water, the intestines are gently cleansed and digestion is brought back into rhythm. Psyllium seeds are also ideal for a diet, as they are low in calories.   

Vegan and gluten-free
Without artificial additives
Suitable for human and animal consumption

Instructions: Maximum daily intake: 6 teaspoons (15g) of psyllium. It is essential to ensure sufficient fluid intake over the entire intake period. Indian psyllium seeds can enhance a diet that is often low in fiber. They are not intended to replace a balanced and varied diet.


Keep out of the reach of small children!

Store in a dry place, protected from light.

Available in the following sizes:

Indian psyllium (100g) - PZN: 13964857

Indian psyllium seeds (250g) - PZN: 13964886

Indian psyllium seeds (1000g) - PZN: 13964892

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