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Indian psyllium husks

Scientific name: Plantaginis ovatae semen

Synonyms:  Ispaghula, Blonde Psyllium, Indian Psyllium

Family: Plantaginaceae

Location of the plant: Iran, India

Characteristics: The seeds are boat-shaped-oval and vary widely in color. From pale pink to grey-brown and reddish yellow

Application and preparation

Indian psyllium husks

Thanks to its high fiber content, Indian psyllium husks enhance an often low-fiber diet.


Indian psyllium husks contain natural fiber that is suitable for overweight and obese people. Eliminates hunger, cleanses the digestive system, supports the activity of the intestinal microflora and proper emptying.


Pour 250 ml of water over 2 teaspoons of Indian psyllium husks (approx. 5 g), stir and drink immediately. After consumption, rinse with sufficient liquid (at least 250 ml), e.g. water, herbal tea or fruit juice spritzer. Repeat 2-3 times daily.


Maximum daily consumption: 6 teaspoons of Indian psyllium husks. It is important to ensure adequate fluid intake throughout the entire intake period.

​For further information see the package leaflet:

Available in the following sizes:

Indian psyllium, whole (150g) - PZN: 13964811

Indian psyllium, whole (250g) - PZN: 13964828

Indian psyllium, whole (500g) - PZN: 14056866

Indian psyllium husks, (150g) - PZN: 05543981

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