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Inner balance

The aromas of the mixture of green tea, nettle, peppermint, aronia berries, etc. combine to create a fresh drink that naturally improves well-being


Composition (30g):

26% nettle leaves

12% Sencha green tea

12% peppermint

          Rosehip peels

  9% aronia berries

          sweet blackberry leaves


          Lemon myrtle

          Dandelion root

          Rose petals

          Mallow flowers


Pour a cup of boiling water over 1 pyramid bag and let it steep for 6 minutes. Squeeze out the bag gently and remove it.


A notice:Store dry.


Contents:30g (12 x 2.5 g) 

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#6524#KLE2019 Herkunftslaender Detox Bal
16739339_Innere_Balance FRONT.png
#6524#KLE2019 Herkunftslaender Detox Bal
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