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Caraway seeds


Scientific name: Fructus Carvi

Synonyms: True caraway, meadow caraway, field caraway

Family: Apiaceae

Occurrence of the plant: Native to Eurasia, the drug comes from cultures primarily in Poland, Holland, East Germany and Egypt.

​Characteristics: The drug consists of whole, dried, ripe split fruits.

Taste: spicy-aromatic


Application and preparation

Caraway seeds


For flatulence, intestinal cramps, fat digestion problems, cough, liver weakness, bad breath, nervous heart problems and a feeling of fullness.


anti-flatulence, relaxing, stimulating, antibacterial, anti-germ, antispasmodic

Tea making

1.5-2 g of crushed caraway seeds are poured with boiling water, left covered for 10 to 15 minutes and then passed through a tea strainer.


You drink one to three cups a day. For infants and young children, 1 teaspoon of the infusion is added to formula.

Included in:

Caraway 250 g – PZN 10629503

Gallentee II – PZN 03962248

Stomach and intestinal tea VIII – PZN 03962260

Breastfeeding tea – PZN 10327541

Breastfeeding tea in a pyramid tea bag – PZN 15382697

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