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Dandelion (with root)


Scientific name: Herba Taraxaci cum radice 

Synonyms: Cowflower herb, buttercup herb, chain flower herb

Family: Asteraceae  

Occurrence of the plant: Native to the entire northern hemisphere, introduced to South America. 

Characteristics: Coarsely longitudinally wrinkled, dark brown to blackish root pieces on the outside.

Taste: somewhat bitter


Application & preparation



For constipation, loss of appetite, rheumatism, gall bladder weakness, kidney stones, allergies, headaches,

Menopausal symptoms and stomach weakness.


blood purifying, blood forming, tonic, diuretic

Tea making

1-3 g of dandelion are mixed with cold water,

Briefly boiled and after 10 minutes strained through a tea strainer.


Unless otherwise prescribed: Drink three cups of dandelion tea throughout the day.

Included in:

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