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Attending school at Klenk

An interested and good-humored school class from 6A of the Alexander-von-Humboldt High School in Schweinfurt, together with Ms. Nicolich and Mr. Korczinski, set out on a tractor excursion to the local fields.

At the village square in Schwebheim they met their guide Frank Böhm, the most competent herb grower in our region. With many interesting and funny anecdotes, he not only explained the medicinal herbs he planted, but also had a lot to say about types of grain and growing vegetables. The children were active and had great fun decorating the car with plants or trying freshly picked peppermint.

After the tour, the class visited our production facilities. Here they were given an insight into the individual processing processes. Another highlight of the excursion was a tour of the laboratory at the end of the morning. Under strict quality control supervision led by Dr. The plants are tested here for binders. Only what complies with the European Pharmacopoeia is later brought to the pharmacy.


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