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Mulled wine chocolates


300g chocolate

150 ml mulled wine

150 g ground hazelnuts

100 g chopped hazelnuts

100 ml cream

Pulp of a vanilla bean

1 tsp cinnamon

half a packet of the Klenk mulled wine spice

For decoration:

frozen raspberries


To begin, the chocolate is slowly melted in a water bath.

Cinnamon, mulled wine spice, cream, vanilla bean pulp, ground and chopped hazelnuts and mulled wine are then stirred into the melted chocolate.

The mixture can now be left in the refrigerator for about an hour to solidify.

Now you can decorate the pralines with frozen raspberries. To do this, shape them into small balls and then turn them into the chopped frozen raspberries.

Now all that's left is: eat it!!


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