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New look, proven quality Klenk – a traditional partner in the medicinal herbal sector

The traditional company Heinrich Klenk changed the appearance of the brand on a large scale at the beginning of the year. The first packaging using the new look came onto the market at the end of last year. The entire range appeared in a new design in February. The brand logo and business stationery as well as the entire packaging design have changed. The new appearance is rounded off by an online presence and activities in the area of social media.

The new Klenk logo focuses on clarity, modernity and a concise design language. The Klenk brand is built on two pillars. From now on, the two business areas will be clearly separated and marked with different shades of green and two new claims. While “Der Naturlieferant” is aimed at industrial and trading partners, “Die Naturkraft” is aimed at end customers and resellers (pharmacists).

On a white background and with a colored band, the medicinal tea packaging conveys the values that Klenk stands for: care and purity. The respective color climate creates quick and clear differentiation for the consumer. The raw materials processed at Klenk were each painted with watercolors by hand. In addition, real people are showcased in an authentic way in brand communication. The “Klenk family” reflects the target group of Naturkraft products. It gives the products a personal touch and creates a connection to people.

The new corporate design, the company's own visual language and an attention-grabbing campaign were created in close collaboration with the atelier in Kitzingen.

“Initial reactions at trade fairs and in discussions with customers encourage us in the new path we have taken with Klenk,” says Stefan Oehler, Managing Director at Heinrich Klenk.

“The new brand identity once again reflects our high quality standards, which are now expressed not only in the products but also in our external appearance,” adds owner Heinrich Klenk Jr., who is now in the third generation to run the company.

About Heinrich Klenk GmbH

We are a family-run company with around 100 employees and have been trading internationally in plant-based raw materials for more than 90 years. We procure, analyze and process these for our customers in the pharmaceutical, food and feed industries. We have been the natural partner for pharmacies in the area of medicinal herbs, medicinal and food teas for decades.

Here you can see the new tea and spice hand-sale packs, as well as a placement example of the product range. The Klenk family and the watercolors are the visual elements of the new corporate design.


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