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News from Franconia's little apothecary garden

A look at our current newsletter

A brand grows

As a family-run company with more than 90 years of experience, Klenk has been considered a natural partner by pharmacists in the area of medicinal herbs, medicinal and food teas and spice mixtures for decades. Our range includes more than 700 medicinal plants. “We source our raw materials from all over the world!” explains managing director Stefan Oehler in the current newsletter. The seat and home of Klenk remains Schwebheim - and for good reason: "Due to the favorable geological conditions, the fertile soil and the dry and warm climate, a blooming herb garden develops in Schwebheim every year."

You can find out how our company became a brand, what makes the Klenk tea blends so special and how we ensure the quality of our raw materials in the detailed interview with Stefan Oehler. There he also presents the relaunch of the entire brand identity and the idea behind the pyramid tea bags. Who would have thought, for example, that the beautiful watercolors on our colorful packaging were created entirely by hand?

Who knows about the herb garden?

We also introduce the seven-member Klenk family, who have given our brand their friendly face since 2017 and guide customers through the diverse products of our “herb garden”. With our watercolor board you can also test your knowledge of herbs from chia to fireweed - bet everyone will discover something new here?

If you would like to browse through the entire newsletter, you can download the PDF here.


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