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Occupational safety in Corona times: a look behind the scenes

| Schwebheim, Dezember 2020 |

Heinrich Klenk GmbH & Co. KG reports in the magazine “inForm” how it has met the challenges since the beginning of the corona crisis:

“We have encountered many challenges since the beginning of the Corona crisis. For example, we had to ensure the continuation of all production steps and the supply of medicines, food and feed and at the same time become familiar with web conferences and video telephony. B·A·D supported us very well with a risk analysis provided.

In addition to adhering to the usual distance and hygiene rules, we have produced hand disinfectants in the company's own laboratory, developed a pandemic plan and translated all information notices about Corona into all of our employees' national languages.

The work of our management, who personally designed and represented every step to protect our employees, was very important.”

The complete magazine “inForm” (issue 3 | 2020) can be downloaded here.


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