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Product offensive 2020

| Schwebheim, November 2020 |

The traditional company Heinrich Klenk from Schwebheim is expanding its extensive range

natural products including six organic Bach flower mixtures.

Especially in these emotionally challenging times, worries, uncertainties and fears are the order of the day. Which is why values such as confidence and calmness are becoming increasingly important and the demand for natural support is increasing. “With the organic Bach flowers we want to meet individual needs and offer gentle support against a wide range of emotional challenges,” says Managing Director Stefan Oehler.

Dr. At the beginning of the last century, Edward Bach defined 38 wild-flowering plant beauties (including Rock Water). Each of the 38 flowers embodies a certain feeling or sensation and can be a gentle and natural counterpoint to the consequences of our hectic everyday lives.

The Klenk BIO Bach flowers are professionally prepared according to Dr. Bach's original manufacturing instructions are made in Germany and can be taken depending on your mood and mood. Only hand-picked and pure flowers find their way into the mother essences. “With 7% organic mother essence for the alcohol-containing and 1.5% organic mother essence for the alcohol-free Bach flowers, we have succeeded in developing organic-certified products with the highest quality standards,” adds Heinrich Klenk Junior.

With this new product range, the medicinal herb expert from the Franconian apothecary garden is taking a significant step further and is bringing an extensive organic Bach flower range onto the market:

• Bach flowers organic original mixture according to Dr. Bach I PZN 16879307

Positive in everyday life: The original organic Bach flower mixture can be a helpful hand in hectic times

and stressful everyday situations.

• Bach flowers organic original mixture, alcohol-free I PZN 16879276

In addition to the alcohol-containing version, this mixture is also available without alcohol - especially for children.

So that everyone can choose the right product for themselves based on their needs.

• Bach Flowers Organic Serene Middle I PZN 16879282

Enjoy the day in a balanced way: When life requires balance, calm and considered action

demands, this mixture is a faithful companion.

• Bach flowers organic dream beautiful I PZN 16879299

Attunement to the realm of dreams: If you're flooded with thoughts in the evening, the mixture can

support relaxed sleep. For a pleasant feeling of well-being the next morning.

• Bach flowers organic dream beautifully alcohol-free I PZN 16879247

In addition to the alcohol-containing version, this mixture is also available without alcohol - especially for children.

Just as a lullaby allows the child's soul to rest in the evening, spreads a cloak of security over the child's bed and chases monsters away from under the bed - this cheerful, delicate organic Bach flower mixture wants to get you in the mood for a joyful evening journey into the realm of dreams.

• Bach flowers organic school joy alcohol-free I PZN 16879253

For a pleasant everyday school life: The young generation depends on their documents

to be together, to learn in a focused, targeted manner and in online and face-to-face lessons

to demonstrate social, respectful behavior. This is exactly where the Klenk Bio-

Bach flower mixture brings school joy.

About Heinrich Klenk GmbH & Co. KG

We are a family-run company with around 110 employees and have been trading internationally in plant-based raw materials for more than 90 years. We procure, analyze and process these for our customers in the pharmaceutical, food and feed industries. We have been the natural partner for pharmacies in the area of medicinal herbs, medicinal and food teas for decades.

Press contact:

Louisa Baumeister, management assistant

Marketing | Project management

Heinrich Klenk GmbH & Co. KG, Aschenhof 35, 97525 Schwebheim

Phone +49 (0) 9723 609-47, fax +49 (0) 9723 609-60,


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