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PTA of the Year 2020

The PTA of the Year 2020 has been crowned - Heinrich Klenk GmbH & Co. KG has supported this event since it was founded 8 years ago

| Munich, 01. October 2020 I

In an exciting finale with an impressive atmosphere

Svenja Partenoga from the Medicon Pharmacy in Nuremberg has the Allianz Arena in Munich

Expert jury convinced of their skills and won confidently. Four categories – pharmaceutical

Knowledge, recipes, sales and advice had to complete the ten PTAs before this year's

Winner could be chosen.

This year the award ceremony was part of the Burda Health Lab, with 200 guests from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. With the song “Cheers to us” they entered the ten best PTA

Germany took the stage and were honored together for their commitment and commitment. Around

This year's winner was announced on stage at 5:40 p.m. The first place winner

Svenja Partneoga not only takes the crown, but also €2,000 in prize money and €500 for prize money

Pharmacy event to take home. In second and third place are Silvia van Cleve from

Weiden-Apotheke in Hamminkeln - Dingden and Chrsitine Nerstheimer from the Süd-Apotheke in

Muenster. Hanns‐Heinrich Kehr, Managing Director PHARMA PRIVAT and initiator of the competition

“PTA of the Year” is pleased that the competition could even take place this year

“Yesterday Super Cup and today “PTA of the Year”, these are two special events in one

extraordinary atmosphere. We thank Burda for the opportunity to host the competition in Burda

Integrate Health Lab.”

Special “Import” prize from cc Pharma

The new premium partner cc-Pharma has launched a special “Import” price. All

Finalists filled out a questionnaire on the topic of “import” during the competition.

Helmut Stäblein, cc Pharma, presented the winner with a voucher for a weekend for two

in the Eifel worth around €500. All finalists also received prizes from our premium sponsor

Spengerlsan, presented by Dr. Koll, further training as an immune trainer and access

for the entire team for the online training portal WAVE.

The participants in this year’s competition:

Stefanie Breithaupt from the Butterfly Pharmacy in Gotha, Ebru Karkin from the Pharmacy am Hit

in Dormagen, Bianca Kohlstock from the Linden pharmacy in Luckau, Nina Kruse from Marien

Pharmacy in August Fehl, Manuela Moll from the Schwanen Pharmacy in Solingen, Christine

Nerstheimer from the Süd Apotheke in Münster, Svenja Patenoga from the Barbara Pharmacy in


Jury members

Sandra Täubert (AbZ Pharma), Thorsten Kujath (Bayer Vital GmbH), Nina Schackmann (BVpta e.V.),

Sonja Zeilinger (Caesar & Loretz GmbH), Helmuth Stäblein (cc‐pharma GmbH), Julia Pflegel (DAS PTA

MAGAZINE), Silvia von Maydell (My life), Thomas Mall (Mylan Gemany GmbH, Danyel Helms (Paul

Hartmann AG), Hanns‐Heinrich Kehr (Pharma Privat GmbH), Dr. Kathrin Koll (Spenglersan GmbH)


The competition is supported by our premium partners AbZ Pharma, Bayer Vital GmbH,

Caesar & Loretz GmbH, CC Pharma GmbH, Hartmann AG, Mylan Germany GmbH and Spenglersan

GmbH as well as the classic partners Apomix, Belsana, Bionorica, Heinrich Klenk and Insight Health.

The specialist and media partners are Das PTA Magazin, My life, the pharmacy cooperation WAVE,

Pharmacy jobs and the BVpta as well as the Azerta pharmacy learning portal.

Further information at www.pta‐des‐


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