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Statement ÖKO-Test Magazine 12.2019

In its December issue, ÖKO-Test magazine tested 18 different cough and bronchial teas. The best result was the grade “sufficient”; The loose Klenk cough and bronchial tea scored “unsatisfactory”. At this link you will find the article "Bitter Aftertaste" with detailed explanations.

The analysis data from ÖKO-Test does not match the results drawn by the Klenk experts.

Our mixture is based on a basic recipe of standard approval. The quality of each drug corresponds to the requirements of the current pharmacopoeia monograph (EU AB/DAC). In addition to the monograph requirements, each of the components meets all legal requirements for pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals, aflatoxins, microbiology and pyrrolizidine alkaloids. We do not know how ÖKO-Test carried out the individual tests!

ÖKO-TEST further tested cough and bronchial teas, but then assessed a lack of effect on cold symptoms. Heinrich Klenk GmbH & CO KG – Cough and bronchial tea helps with mucus and also cough irritation. It's not a cold tea! There is sufficient scientific evidence of effectiveness. The tea mixture is NOT contaminated.

Below you will find the full statement from our pharmacist.


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