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We congratulate our trainees on passing their exam!

We warmly congratulate our trainees, Tina Kunz and Lukas Walther, on successfully completing their training to become merchants in wholesale and foreign trade!

“We are very pleased that our trainees are so committed and enjoy their work and that they can both be taken on after passing the exam. We are convinced that we have gained two more qualified employees for our team,” says Stefan Oehler, Managing Director at Heinrich Klenk.

“Both trainees received recognition from the government of Lower Franconia for their excellent academic performance and were awarded the state prize,” adds training manager Marco Braun proudly.

About Heinrich Klenk GmbH & Co. KG

We are a family-run company with around 120 employees and have been trading internationally in plant-based raw materials for more than 90 years. We procure, analyze and process these for our customers in the pharmaceutical, food and feed industries. We have been the natural partner for pharmacies in the area of medicinal herbs, medicinal and food teas for decades.


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