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We protect our employees, customers and business operations!

About Heinrich Klenk GmbH & Co. KG

We are a family-run company with around 110 employees and have been trading internationally in plant-based raw materials for more than 90 years. We procure, analyze and process these for our customers in the pharmaceutical, food and feed industries. We have been the natural partner for pharmacies in the area of medicinal herbs, medicinal and food teas for decades.

Safety and health protection are top priority in times of the corona pandemic. Occupational safety plays a central role here. That is why we have formulated a comprehensive COVID 19 risk assessment in collaboration with the BAD. This assessment describes our comprehensive concept for containing the corona pandemic in the workplace in order to best protect employees and customers from infection with the coronavirus. For this purpose, we have taken additional technical and organizational measures and established regulations regarding cooperation during the pandemic:

  • Conducting training and raising awareness regarding compliance with hygiene measures for all employees

  • Increasing hygiene measures throughout the company

  • Distribution of masks also for private areas

  • Conducting virtual meetings using suitable telephone conference or online meeting tools

  • Strict spatial and personnel separation of offices, warehouses and production facilities

  • Transition to 2-shift operation in the offices, warehouses, production facilities and in the laboratory

  • Equalization of moving times to reduce employee density

  • Formation of fixed teams without changes between shifts to avoid infections

  • Working in the home office

  • Development of individual solutions for risk groups

Our risk assessment enables us to reduce social contact with each other to an absolute minimum and still maintain business operations.

Due to the consistent implementation of all measures and the responsible handling of Corona in our company, we received confirmation of our activities with the BAD seal: Occupational safety standard COVID 19:


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