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Rooibos tea


Scientific name: Herba Aspalathi linearis

Synonyms: Masai tea, rooibos tea, red bush tea

Family: Fabaceae

Origin of the plant: South Africa

Features: In contrast to black tea, red bush tea is caffeine-free and contains significantly less yellow substances. It is the national drink of South Africa.

Rotbuschtee2_unscharf Kopie.png

Application and preparation

Rooibos tea


For nausea, stomach pain, stomach cramps, allergies, hay fever and tooth decay.


relaxing, tonic, antispasmodic

Tea making

Pour boiling water over 2 g of rooibos tea and let it steep for a few minutes, then strain.


Unless otherwise prescribed: Drink a warm cup several times a day.

Included in:

Men's tea – PZN 05023230

Men's tea in a pyramid tea bag - PZN 15382622

After-work tea – PZN 05023276

After-work tea in a pyramid tea bag – PZN 15382674

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