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          » Ein kleiner Schwedenbitter         wirkt äußerst       

             belebend! «

Swedish herbs
Bitters starting herbs


Swedish herbs

10g Camphor

10 g rhubarb root

10 g Angelika root

10 g Manna

10 g Senna leaves

10 g Zitwerwurzel

10 g Wormwood herb

5 g Eberwurz root

#KLE Theriak Inhalstsstoffe.png

10 g Theriak

5 g Myrrhe

0,2 g Safran


Swedish herbs

Prepare the contents of this bag (90.2 g herbal mixture) with 2 x 0.7 l of 38–45 % fruit or grain brandy in a wide-necked bottle for 14 days and store in a warm place, shaking once a day. After 14 days, strain and pour into small bottles.

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