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Taiga root


Scientific name: Radix Eleutherococci  

Synonyms: Prickly panax root, Eleutherococcus root

Family: Araliaceae  

Occurrence of the plant: Native to Northeast Asia, especially eastern Siberia. 

​Features:The drug has gained interest in Western countries since the 1970s as a replacement for ginseng as a tonic and strength agent.

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Application & preparation

Taiga root 


If you are tired, stressed, exhaustion, liver problems, bronchitis and to strengthen the immune system.


Normalizing blood pressure, stimulating, improving stress resistance


Do not use if you have a fever!

Included in:

Radix Eleutherococci (100 g) – PZN 04295825

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Blooming power tea in a pyramid tea bag – PZN 16887815

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