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Declare war on the onset of a cold!

Harness the power of herbs.

We are plagued by colds and flu, especially in the cold season. Lots of rest, warmth and the right tea can help you get healthy again. Our Klenk range offers the right tea for almost all complaints:

· Chamomile flowers 70 g (PZN 14337803)

Tips for a strong defense:

· Get enough sleep – ideally 6-8 hours per night

· A balanced diet – ideally with seasonal fruit and vegetables

· Exercise in the fresh air – give your body the opportunity to adjust to the season

· Drink a lot of tea - This keeps the mucous membranes moist and provides defense against bacteria and viruses

The Klenk Naturkraft teas are of particularly high quality. Our tea blends, which are obtained from whole flowers and leaves and crushed as little as necessary, retain a particularly large number of ingredients that unfold their full effect when drunk.

With Klenk, powerful and natural against the cold!


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